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Nikki: I Took the MillionTo1 Goal-Getting Course: Here's What Happened 

Whether you have a big dream in the back of your mind, a goal you don't know how to achieve, or could use some help defining what it is you're working towards, the MillionTo1 program can help you make a plan, and achieve it.

A Goal-Smashing Revolution in Manhattan Kansas 

“I have all these different goals,” Schober said. “I want to be a best-selling writer, have multiple sources of income and be a great kick-boxer, but I realized in my 8-5 adulting life that if I didn’t do something different, I wasn’t going to achieve my goals.”

Stephanie: I Took the MillionTo1 Goal-Getting Course: Here's What Happened 

While I've always been someone who likes her lists (and that's putting it mildly), these lists almost always focus on the day-to-day tasks, or, if I'm feeling particularly ambitious, a week's worth. What I've come to realize, mostly thanks to my time with MillionTo1, is that I had no goals or aspirations for the long-term.

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MillionTo1 Meal Prep
from 40.00

When: Sunday, September 3rd - 2:30pm - 5:00pm
Where: 2109 Essex Square - Manhattan, KS 66503

Yo! We're looking for 5 goal-getters to join us for some meal prep fun! We'll be prepping 2 meals & 2 Sides (4 servings of each).

You can decide which you'd like to prep.

We're excited to prep healthy meals with you and help get your food prep goals off the ground!

Important Notes: 

Please register by midnight on August 30th. 

1. We'll buy all the food and have it ready for prepping! You don't need to bring any ingredients (unless there's something special you're wanting to add.)
2. Please bring the containers you'd like to take your food home in. We'll have some tupperware and plastic baggies, but it will work best if you bring what you'd like to store the food in. 
3. All utensils will be provided. However, if you have a favorite kitchen accessory, feel free to bring it with you. Optional! 

Questions? Shoot an email to, or call Carmen at 785 477 0721. 

Number of Meals:
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6 Week Class - Sundays

Starting July 23rd
Day & Time: Sundays, 1:30-2:30pm
Mentor: Sydney
Location: St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church - Wichita, KS

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