Write it down

Ever heard of a guy named Lou Holtz? (Notre Dame’s celebrated, long-time football coach)? He’s kind of big deal. He also knew the magic behind writing down your goals. When Lou was 28 and down on his luck, he took the time to write down a list of 107 goals (and he wasn’t shy about it – he wanted to meet the Pope, dine in the White House and score a hole in one). Today Coach Holtz is 79, and he’s done almost everything on his list (he even got 2 hole in ones). So seriously – write that sh*t down. 

Pick 3

If you're like Lou and you've got a 50+ goals, it's time narrow it down. Generally, goal-setting experts suggests no more than 6 goals a year, which breaks down into about 3 per every 6 months. So that list of 25 New Year Resolutions? Ditch it. That's too many to focus on at once, which is why we don't make much progress. Instead, pick 2 small goals (1 you can do in 6 months or less) and 1 bigger one (one that will take an indeterminable amount of time) and get started. That makes your goal list a lot less intimidating and much more in reach.

 Jump in

The biggest lie you're believing right now is that you're not ready. Stop that. You are ready, and it's time to get to work. Too many of us are waiting for "the right time," but that time isn't coming – it's already arrived. You want this, right? That's why it's your goal? So why are you stalling on getting what you want? Jump into action by investing at least a little bit of time, money, and energy into your goal today.

Some examples of jumping in:

-    Ask your gym about a personal trainer (today!)
-    Start your job search or draft that letter of resignation (today!)
-    Buy (or try out) the online budgeting software (today!)
-    Plan the romantic getaway (today!)

But don't misunderstand – jumping in doesn't mean you need to finish all the necessary steps planning and prepping today. It just means you need to do something (even something small!) as soon as possible.

There's no need to wait- this is the beginning of anything you want.

Welcome to the MillionTo1 Club.

Carmen Schober's the founder of The MillionTo1 Club. She's got a B.A. (yep, Bad-Ass) and M.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing. When she's not parenting her cats, she dreams of writing books, transforming lives, and making people love goal-smashing as much as she does. 

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