What is The MillionTo1 Club?


TheMillionTo1Club is a support network for your goals.

Founder Carmen Schober believes that everyone – everyone – can achieve their goals, both big and small. It simply requires inspiration, structure, and support, and TheMillionTo1Club was designed to provide all three in the form of classes, workshops, and personalized coaching.

We live in a world full of distractions, demands, and obstacles. Because of this, the sad truth is most people don’t set goals, and most people don’t achieve the goals they set.

This means that to achieve your goals – especially the big ones – you’re going to need some help, and that’s what we’re here for.

Whether you want to lose fifteen pounds, save some money, start a business, travel the world, meditate every day write a symphony, or just get in a few more naps each week, we’ve got your back. We love all goals no matter how small or holy. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us that you see it through.

In our goal-getting classes and workshops, we 1) inspire you to dream big (like, really big!) 2) help you clarify what you really want, 3) provide an organized framework to create practical plans of action, and 4) supply loads of positive support to keep you moving forward.

We’re confident that you CAN and WILL make progress on your goals with TheMillionTo1Club. We’ve seen it happen over and over and over again.

Join the club – we’ll help you set goals, smash goals, and repeat.

Yours in the fight,

Carmen Schober, Founder of TheMillionTo1Club


What Others Are Saying?

"It's a chance to dream, evaluate how to achieve those dreams, set up action steps, and get a goal buddy to help you stick with the plans."

"I felt empowered, focused and like I was taking care of myself."

"It's about identifying and planning life goals. It's about finding out what's important to you and incorporating it into your everyday life."
"Enlightening and Enriching!"
"The process was unexpected! It was nice to learn it and that it's easy to use in the future, too."
"This really is a cool thing. I feel like I can go much further in life now that I've taken the course. I feel like I know what I need to do and what to focus on. It feels really good." 
"Carmen is a FABULOUS goal coach. She knows what she's talking about and communicates goal info in a way that is fresh and real. I believe in myself...most of the time. Thanks, Carmen!" 
"I've never been much of a goal person, but now I find myself thinking about my goals on a daily basis. I notice my progress much more now that I've been a part of TheMillionTo1Club. It makes your goals a regular part of your life." 


Because most people don’t do what they really want to do, and that has got to change. It starts with you. 

Join the club.  Your dreams depend on it.