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An Interview with MillionTo1 Mentor Marissa Germann

The marvelous Marissa Germann teaches our goal-getting course on Tuesday evenings. She sat down with the MTo1 Founder, Carmen Schober, for a quick interview.

CS: Woo, another interview! You know the drill.

MG: Ready!

CS: First question. How old are you?

MG: 24.

CS: Same! I like it. So where’s home?

MG: Wichita.

CS: Not too far from Manhappiness! Coolness. Anyway, Marissa, as you know, all MillionTo1 Mentors have 2 things in common. They smash goals, and they're also amazing teachers. Talk a little bit about your teaching background.

MA: Teaching Background: I taught a K-State first-year seminar course called University Experience for the past two years. That course focuses on academic instruction, study strategies, and an introduction to K-State and the college experience.

CS: It also requires tremendous patience and magical powers since you’re basically teaching college freshman who to be responsible adults.

MA: Basically.

CS: So what about your MillionTo1 Background? How did all this come about?

MA: Well, I met you through interactions at K-State and had heard through another MillionTo1 Mentor that you had started offering this course. A cup of coffee and a meeting later and here we are! I was excited to jump on board.

CS: I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO BE ON BOARD. Why exactly do you want to teach the MillionTo1 Goal-Getting Course? I loved teaching University Experience and helping others progress and develop as individuals. I wanted to transfer that passion into helping others with MillionTo1 and help encourage, motivate, and inspire others alongside them as they set out to obtain their goals.

MA: That’s why you are 100% perfect for this. What are 3 goals you’re working on for the first half of 2017?

I’m working on living a better lifestyle for this year, which includes a lot of small goals I’ve made for myself. To start, I want to work out 3-5 times per week. I also want to cut down my alcohol beverages and sugary drinks to 2 per week and monitor my carb intake and do a low carb diet.

CS: Carbs are such assholes.

MA: Agreed.

CS: Aside from the carb-less life, what’s the biggest risk you are going to take in 2017?

MA: I have a backpacking trip through Spain and France planned with my boyfriend!

CS: Shut the front door and get out of here with that awesomeness! Any goal smashing tips for others as they start their goal-smashing journey?

MA: Find a support system and utilize them! Having an accountability partner can really help in times of stress or when you’re feeling a bit discouraged.

CS: You are ten thousand percent correct. Who’s your ideal support system? Someone uber inspiring?

MA: Ellen Degeneres. I love that she is completely true to herself no matter who she encounters, and is always constantly trying to help others. Also, she has inspiring dance moves.

CS: Right? Her dance moves make me believe anything is possible. Time for my last, extremely important question. Would you rather win an Olympic medal, an Academy Award or the Nobel Peace prize?

MA: Since I am one of the least flexible people out there, I live vicariously through the Olympic gymnast, so I’d have to say that I’d want to win an Olympic medal.

And that’s a wrap. If you like Ellen, the Olympics, and learning practical goal-getting from a phenomenal teacher, Tuesdays with Marissa is where it’s at. You can enroll here.

Carmen Schober is the founder of The MillionTo1 Club. She's got a B.A. (yep, Bad-Ass) and M.A. in English Lit and Creative Writing. When she's not parenting her cats, she dreams of writing books, transforming lives, and making people love goal-smashing as much as she does.

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