An Interview with MillionTo1 Mentor Miranda Cook 

The magical Miranda Cook teaches our goal-getting course, and our Faith + Goals Bible Study. She sat down with the MTo1 Founder, Carmen Schober, for a quick interview.

CS: Hi Miranda!

MC: Hi Carmen!

CS: I'm excited about this.

MC: Me too.

CS: First question. How old are you?

MC: 23

CS: Yet oh so wise. Where are you from?

MC: Paola, KS

CS: Shout out to Paola! Cool. Well, as you know, all MillionTo1 Mentors have 2 things in common. They smash goals, and they're great teachers. Tell me a little bit about your teaching background.

MC: During my undergrad, I was able to teach a course called: Academic and Career Planning. I helped students decide on a major and explore career options. I also taught a course called University Experience. University Experience is a source for students to plan study strategies and how to navigate the college experience. Now I get to teach MillionTo1!

CS: Huzzah! Tell the world about your experience with MillionTo1 thus far. 

MC: Well, I was privileged to meet you back in August 2016...

CS: Awww.

MC:...And was able to take the course with you that same semester. During the course, I was so inspired by other women who were also goal-setters. I saw a change in my drive and my determination. The rest is history. 

CS: That is so amazing. So why do you like teaching the MillionTo1 Goal-Getting Course?

MC: Because who doesn’t want to be surrounded with other like-minded people? I want to help people smash the goals that they never thought they would accomplish.  Because of Millionto1, I have met one of my best friends. I love the possibilities of helping other people make connections.

CS: Your class hasn't even started yet, and I'm already inspired. Any goal smashing tips for those just starting the journey?

MC: Keep those goals visual! I am a visual person so I created images of my goals to hang up in my house.

CS: Absolutely. That's why I have 10+ pictures of Rocky Balboa in my house. Who's the most inspiring person you can think of? 

MC: Carmen Schober! I am consistently motivated by you. I am lucky to have you as a friend but also as a mentor.

CS: Miranda! Stop that. You're gonna make me cry on the internet. Along those same lines -- any inspiring book recommendations?

MC: The Compound Effect. Read it. 

CS:  Oh, I will. Last question, to leave our readers with a little inspirational oomph. What’s your fave inspirational quote?

MC: "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" Said by the great Audrey Hepburn.

There you have it, folks. Nothing is impossible. Experience that and much, much more with Miranda as your MillionTo1 Mentor. You can enroll in her upcoming class here.

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