An Interview with MillionTo1 Mentor Stephanie Kiersey

The spectacular Stephanie Kiersey teaches our goal-getting course. She sat down with the MTo1 Founder, Carmen Schober, for a quick interview.

CS: Well, hello Goal Buddy.

SK: Hello, Goal Buddy.

CS: You real name is Stephanie, but you also have an alias, don’t you?

SK: Maybe? My dad calls me LuLu sometimes.

CS: That’s stinkin’ adorable. My dad calls me Pook. LuLu, tell the world: how old are you?

SK: Don’t call me LuLu. Pook.

CS: Suit yourself.

SK: I’m 27.

CS: So you’re basically the wizened Sage of the group?

SK: Indeed.

CS: Where’s home, wizened Sage?

SK: Almena, Kansas.

CS: That sounds exactly like a place where a Sage would be born. Anyway, as you know, being the two-time MillionTo1 alum that you are, all MillionTo1 Mentors have 2 things in common. We smash goals, and we’re also amazing teachers. Talk a little bit about your teaching background.

SK: As a librarian, I hold 'one-shot sessions' where I introduce key resources to a specific class. It’s all about context and making the resources fit the research needs of the students, which has a lot in common with Millionto1.

CS: Perfect. So what about your MillionTo1 experience?

SK: I observed the pilot last summer, and enrolled as soon as possible in the fall. I also observed some of the second section. Mostly, I want to be as supportive of MillionTo1 as possible and help it become widespread and well known. I really want to help others achieve their goals - the sustainability is what is most attractive to me, and I want to share that.

CS: That’s because you are true friend and goal-smashing buddy and just a genuinely amazing human being. Speaking of, what goal did you smash in 2016?

SK:  My Holy Goal was to be debt free by 2020, and we knocked out almost half of our debt this year. So not completely smashed, but ahead of schedule!

CS: Holy Goaly, Stephanie! That is a big freaking deal. Congratulations. What 3 goals are you working on for the first half of 2017?

SK. I’m going to exercise 4-5 times a week, meal plan and prep 3 dinners a week, and plant a portable herb garden (and keep it alive!)

CS: I want to see pictures of the herb garden! Any goal smashing tips?

SK: Put action steps into your main planner (phone’s calendar, work calendar, print planner, whatever) and when it comes up, do it. If you wait, you won’t do it!

CS: Eat that frog, right?

SK: Yep. The book is life changing.

CS:  Shout out to Brian Tracy! Any other folks who inspire you?

SK: That’s tough…there’s a lot of people that I am astounded by. I’ll go with the person I don’t know: Emma Watson for her work for women’s equality.

CS: Hermione! Good choice. Last question – what’s your favorite inspirational quote.

SK: “It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things.” - I like to use this as a prompt for my journal every night.

CS: You overachiever! That’s beautiful. One more question, because I want to know. What’s the one food you could never bring yourself to eat?

SK: Steak tartare.

CS: That sounds delicious. And it’s probably on the paleo diet.

SK: Still not enticing.

CS: Fair enough. Oh, one more, for real this tie – what’s the biggest risk you are going to take in 2017?

SK: Hmm…Teaching!

CS: Hurrah! You’re gonna kill it. Look out, goals. Stephanie is coming for you. 

That’s all for now. If you want the most dedicated goal mentor around (she walks the talk), you’ll want to hang out with Stephanie. You can enroll here.