Why The MillionTo1 Club is Important in 2017

Hey ya’ll. It’s Carmen, Founder of TheMillionTo1Club. Thanks for reading this today.

For those who don’t know, I recently quit my full-time job to build my writing career, as well as expand my goal-getting network, TheMillionTo1Club.

If you’re new here, MillionTo1 is a new concept, but it’s pretty simple. We provide a variety of powerful, affordable resources for anyone who wants more clarity, structure, and support when it comes to goal-setting.

 We help you determine 4 vital things—

1.       What do you really want? (in all areas of your life)

2.       What 5-6 goals should you start working on this year?

3.       What are your (detailed, actionable) plans to achieve those goals and overcome obstacles?

4.       Who will support/encourage/assist you as you move towards your goals? Who will keep you accountable?

TheMillionTo1Club makes it possible for you to confidently answer all of those questions (and more). And once you’ve learned how to answer those questions, you’re set to be a happier, more empowered person for the rest of your life.

And the world needs more happy, empowered people in it.

When we’re happy and empowered and going after what we truly want, there’s less room for the stuff that doesn’t matter. There’s less room for negativity and excuses and blame and frustration and hopelessness (all the things that make us feel bad about ourselves and other people).

When we know what we want and believe that we can get it, our capacity for contentment and hope expands. We’re no longer living with insecurity and anxiety. When we know what we want, believe in ourselves, and have the support of friends and mentors, our ability to do incredible things is nurtured and cultivated.

That’s exactly what MillionTo1 provides. That’s why it exists.

Because happy, empowered people are people who will change the world for the better.

There are other goal-related resources available online, but they are either impersonal (you get to listen to the world’s most boring webinar for an hour), or they cost an arm and a gold-plated leg. I recently talked a woman who wanted $350 for an hour on the phone to ‘mentor’ me. (I think I laughed out loud.)

Goal-setting shouldn’t be boring or impersonal, nor should it be ridiculously expensive.  

With MillionTo1, you have 3 simple options:

Option 1: You can purchase our workbook, Conquer: A Goal-Getting Guide, and work on your goals at your own pace. It costs $25, and it’s 100+ pages of pure, easy-to-use, goal-getting beauty.

Option 2: You can take one of our goal-getting courses (we offer a 4 or 6-week option.) We have numerous in-person class options for those living in the Kansas area, and we also have live online classes available for anyone.

These classes cost between $65 and $85, and that cost includes the workbook. No other materials are needed. Our classes meet once a week for an hour and a half. The atmosphere is casual, focused, and encouraging.

Option 3: You can join our email list (by signing up at the bottom of this post) and/or connect with us on Facebook. We’ll send you occasional updates, highlights, and invitations to additional opportunities to set goals, smash them, and repeat.

That’s what we do.


And that’s why TheMillionTo1Club is important in 2017.

Yours in the fight for more happiness and empowerment in the new year. We're in this together. 

Carmen Schober

Founder of TheMillionTo1Club