Your Daily "Simplify the Holidays" Challenge!


Many people hate the holidays. That’s sad. 😭

What’s supposed to be a time for reflection, rest, and celebration easily turns into a madhouse of chores, travel, tension, and stress. 😫

In our hurried culture of distractions and to-do’s, it’s hard to slow down and focus on what’s important. 🌟

That’s why we want to help. We’d like to help you do less, buy less, cook less, work less, decorate less, and stress less this season. How? 🤔

For the rest of October and early November, we’ll send an easy daily task right to your inbox. These taks are simple and practical – designed to make sure you’re all set to enjoy the best moments of the season. 🎉

By breaking holiday prep into small pieces now, you’ll be able to rest and relax later. Doesn’t that sound nice? 🙌🏼

We hope you’ll join us in our quest for simpler, happier holidays this year! 😍

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You got this, goal-getters! 👊🏼

Here are the tasks we'll be sending your way! 

Do Less
•    10/9: If traveling, check your oil and tires.
•    10/10: Put some “just in case” items in your car: a blanket, bottles of water, and granola bars are a good start. 
•    10/11: Have pets and traveling over the holidays? Schedule boarding services! 
•    10/12: Make sure the guest bedroom is ready for company: wash linens and towels.
•    10/13: Take pictures of each room in your home. Look at the pictures and take note of any clutter. Most likely, that’s what guests will notice, too. Start tackling those areas! 

Decorate Less
•    10/14: Set aside holiday decor you no longer want. Save them for a *Holiday Swap! 

Buy Less
•    10/16: Make a list of names and gift ideas. The sooner you start thinking about this, the sooner you can find deals! 
•    10/17: Get started on holiday cards! If needed, book a photography session ASAP. 
•    10/18: Consider gifting experiences rather than physical items, such as tickets to a play or the zoo, or a day-pass to a spa. 
•    10/19: Evaluate your wrapping supplies and see what you have before buying more. 
•    10/20: Reach out to friends/family about sharing a meal in lieu of buying gifts. 

Decorate Less
•    10/21: *Holiday Swap - exchange items that you no longer want with friends and family to refresh your decoration stash!

Cook Less
•    10/23: Clean out the pantry - Don’t let that expired can of pumpkin puree fool you!
•    10/24: Clean out the freezer. Holidays mean leftovers, so start making room now. 
•    10/25: Go through your normal holiday recipes. Are there any that you’d like to update? 
•    10/26: Plan your menu for the holidays and start your grocery list.
•    10/27: Plan a Holiday Meal Prep Day with loved ones to share the work. 

Decorate Less
•    10/28: Plug in your holiday lights and dispose of any that no longer work.

Work less
•    10/30: Do the holidays fly by before you have a chance to enjoy them? Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do during the holidays, such as driving around to see the Christmas lights, or caroling with friends, and add these activities to your calendar.
•    10/31: Hosting? Check your stash of toilet paper, towels, and trash bags. 
•    11/1: Wrap and ship gifts early!
•    11/2: Hosting? Reach out to guests and request that they bring an item on your menu.
•    11/3: Stressed about company? Remember three things: 1) Be grateful for what’s good, 2) don’t make yourself responsible for everyone else’s happiness, 3) and embrace simplicity whenever possible. 

Happy Holidays, Goal-Getters!