Nikki: I Took The MillionTo1 Course. Here's What Happened.

Whether you have a big dream in the back of your mind, a goal you don't know how to achieve, or could use some help defining what it is you're working towards, the MillionTo1 program can help you make a plan, and achieve it.

While I didn't have a specific goal or dream in mind, I have hefty lists of things I need to do, things I want to accomplish, and a Bucket List of life experiences I'd love to have.

The MillionTo1 program helped me recognize my life-long interests that define who I am, and prioritize my list of goals.  I ended up choosing a primary goal (running more!) that would show quick progress, giving me a sense of accomplishment, and in turn giving me the confidence to pursue more goals down my list.

And when life's challenges gets overwhelming, I have those primary goals to focus on until things seem under control again.

Once priorities and goals are identified, the MillionTo1 club really shines, with a unique support system to brainstorm specific steps to work towards those goals.  It's like having a team of advisors to find ways to meet your goal, whether through helpful hints, suggested actions, unique perspectives, or networking opportunities.

And once the class ends, the support doesn't end.  Classmates are partnered to follow-up with each other every two weeks or so, maintaining momentum and accountability, so crucial to accomplishing any goal.

The MillionTo1 program has helped me make more progress towards my goals than any other method, and has helped me focus where to spend my mind and energy.