WDS Episode 2: The Question of Luck

My decompression session of the 2017 World Domination Summit continues. In case you missed my short musings on fear, faith, and fun times in tree tops, you can see last week’s post here

This week’s pondering is brought to you by Benny Lewis, a WDS Speaker and “Traveler of the Year.” (Who gives out such an award? I want one!) 

Being the travel enthusiast that he is, Lewis has had lots of exposure to languages and built a pretty successful brand of learn-a-language-fast books. Pretty cool for a guy who described himself as socially awkward, math-obsessed, and overly analytical (anyone relate? I do, except for the math-obsessed part. Math can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.)

Anyway, Lewis’ unexpected good fortune – striking it big as a travel and language guru – prompted him to speak about “luck.” Also, he’s Irish, so there’s that. But here’s the thing…
Benny Lewis a skeptic. He doesn’t believe in the power of luck or fate or destiny. 


Some would say that in order to do something significant and extraordinary, you need luck (or one of those other two magical forces). But Lewis says “luck” as we know it is something you create, and you do it using math (noooooooo) .

But his mathematical approach is simple enough: increase your odds of success by increasing the number of actions you take toward achieving said success.  

Yep, that’s it. Obvious but profound when you really consider how many of us are afraid of failure. Consider: 

Lots of people believe that they “can’t” do X for endless reasons, so in order to be successful, they need luck to intervene.

But, what if instead they believed they “could” do X as long as they were willing to try over and over and over and over and over and over again? 

Which person is more likely to achieve what they’re after? 


Whether you’re a skeptic or not (and I’m not), you can probably agree with Lewis. He’s simply pointing out the more times you roll the dice, the more chances you have of hitting that lucky seven. 

What aspirations for your life do you need to keep rolling the dice on? In what areas are you sitting around waiting for luck to intervene when you have the power to increase your own odds?  

See you next week with more from WDS! (hint...I'm gonna dare to talk about truth).