Who Are We?

The MillionTo1 Club was born out of frustration, inspiration, and one woman’s stubborn commitment to dream-chasing.

Carmen Schober (like many others) found herself stuck in more than one rut after finishing grad school and starting her first “big kid” job. The ruts?

  1. Not enough time in the day for fitness, relationships, and writing (3 of her top priorities)

  2. Work that wasn’t connected to her long-term goals. (She just wasn’t feeling the pantsuits and doing what other people said from 8-5)

  3. A lack of support. (Once college was over, poof, her mentors disappeared)

  4. Doubts: lots and lots of doubts (i.e. you’re too young, you’re too nice, you’re not good enough, etc.) 

The ruts inspired her to find a better way to live. Via research, practice, and a passion to transform blah-ness into badass-ness, Carmen came up with The MillionTo1 Club – a resource that takes dream-chasers through 4 phases (and busts through ruts like nobody’s business.)

The Phases— 

Phase 1: Dream
Phase 2: Set Goals
Phase 3: Make Plans
Phase 4: Find Support 

The results?

Carmen lost 10 pounds, woke up 4 hours earlier (to work-out and write), got published, learned to meditate daily, de-cluttered her home, prioritized relationships, quit her job, built a business and created a life she loves.

What Others Are Saying?

"It's a chance to dream, evaluate how to achieve those dreams, set up action steps, and get a goal buddy to help you stick with the plans."

"I felt empowered, focused and like I was taking care of myself."

"It's about identifying and planning life goals. It's about finding out what's important to you and incorporating it into your everyday life."

"Enlightening and Enriching!"

"The process was unexpected! It was nice to learn it and that it's easy to use in the future, too."

It Starts Now.

Honestly, Carmen set out on this journey for herself. But once she discovered how to set goals and actually smash them (and how surprisingly simple it was) she knew she had to share it with others.


Because most people don’t do what they really want to do, and that has got to change. It starts with you. 

Join the club.  Your dreams depend on it.

The MillionTo1 Team 





Set Goals.

Smash Them.





Ready to start smashing your goals?